Backend Engineer

Work Type: Full Time

At Drivetrain, we are building a product to help SaaS companies scale their business - by helping them plan better and monitor their execution according to the plans. Drivetrain is like an "Air traffic control tower" for your business.

Drivetrain is founded by two ex-Googlers who have built and scaled large businesses. Alok was a partner at Elevation Capital, a prominent VC firm, and before that CEO of Freecharge, CPO & COO of RedBus, and Global Product Lead at Google. Tark was VP of Engineering at Freshworks, where he led ML and Data Platform teams and launched Freshsales. Prior to the same, he founded a company that was acquired by Freshworks. Both the founders have deep experience in the SaaS business model and have seen the pain point in the need of Drivetrain at close quarters.

Why Drivetrain

  • Remote-friendly company: Drivetrain aims at bringing together the best and the brightest minds, no matter where they are. We value the need for work and personal life balance.  Whether you need to clock out early to pick up kids and attend appointments or need the morning to finish your run that refreshes you, we are mindful of it.  The company HQ will be in Bangalore and hence we’ll keep some core hours in IST overlapping across the team.
  • Autonomy: We’re here to guide you, but you define your own trajectory. We encourage you to explore the opportunities within Drivetrain that gives you the most energy and we’ll build a framework with you to help you succeed in it.
  • Customer-Centric: We talk to customers to decide what to build to derive the utmost value. We are all working towards the same thing: building products that make our customer’s life easeful. You’ll experience an impact in any role you take up at Drivetrain.
  • Transparency by default: Drivetrain thrives on being open and transparent in all areas of work, especially among the employees. This enables everyone to make the best decisions.

Why this role is exciting

  • The underlying technical problems are challenging - how do you design abstractions that minimise custom code, as every business is a little different; how do you deal with data scattered across multiple systems and make sense of a large number of moving parts.
  • You get to work on a cutting edge stack comprising of Java, Spring, Hibernate, Redis, Kafka, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Spark, BigQuery, and AWS.
  • As an early team member, you’ll help shape our company culture, engineering practices, and the product.

Who we're looking for

  • A great problem solver and is passionate about the craft of building software.
  • Has a deep understanding of algorithms, data structures, and distributed systems.
  • Has at least 3 years of experience in software engineering.
  • Experience with the above-mentioned stack would be helpful but is not necessary.
  • Is aspirational, self-driven, and proactive.
  • Has excellent communication skills

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